1. I realise nothing much has been happening here lately.
    But it will, soon, I promise.
    I’m back in Denmark now, and I have at least 1500 pictures to work through from the last month, maybe more than that actually…
    I just gotta get through them…

  2. Winter by Darling Harbour, Sydney

  3. Art Gallery of New South Wales


  4. What it means to be “Bjergtaget”

    We have a word in Danish “Bjergtaget” - mountain taken -
    Originally it meant just what it sounds like, being taken to the mountain.
    In the old days, in Scandinavia, the northern elves or Huldre Folk, the hidden folk who live in the shadows, would trick people into walking into swamps or rivers or take them with them to their lands deep in the mountains. They would use their beauty and their singing and their enchanting music and dances to lure their victims close and then they would bring them to the mountains never to return. Travelers on lonely roads or people out at night would follow the sound of a flute or of singing and they would disappear, they would be mountain taken.

    Today, the word has a slightly different meaning.
    It describes that breathless sensation of pure awe that one experiences upon seeing something so grand, so beautiful, so magnificent that everything stops. It is the feeling that overtakes you when you step around a corner and the landscape opens wide in front of you. When you see the sunset behind the waves or the first time you experience snow. It is the feeling you get deep in your guts when you stand on top of a mountain with the haze between your feet and you know that part of you will always remain there. It is as if the earth has stopped turning, as if everything has gone quiet and you yourself has been removed from the very fabric of existence. It is as if you would burst with beauty and you can do nothing but stare. It feels as if the world will never be the same again. As if you will never be the same again. It feels as if you have been taken to the mountain never to return.

    This is the feeling that kept overtaking me time and time again as I walked through the landscape today.

  6. Duck!

  7. Autumn colours

  8. Eucalyptus

  9. Fairfield pipe bridge

  10. Steam locomotive Puffing Billy, Melbourne

  11. For me, much of the fun in photography is in the editing process when I bring out the magic in my photos.

    Of course, some photos are great just as they are, but for others, a bit of editing can really make a difference.

  13. Wombat!

  14. Zebra in Melbourne zoo

  15. Koala